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Morocco trekking, the leading provider of trekking holidays in the south of the country, was founded to encourage people to explore by foot the beauty of the Atlas mountains. This area of gentle hills and honey-colored stone villages, some 60 to 70kms south of Marrakech, has some of the best walking and trekking trails in Morocco. The footpaths are exceptionally well maintained whilst the nature of the landscape means that the trek is within the capabilities of almost everyone.
we were the first to specialize in the area and our routes are much imitated. Our experience is second to none, at the foot of the Mount Toubkal, means that we are perfectly placed to arrange your trekking holiday in this part of the Kingdom..

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Some tips on planning a trekking holiday in Morocco, including advice on which region to visit, specific equipment and organized group walks.
Trekking days in Morocco is a way of seeing the Old region that's just a little bit different and one that will really immerse you in the Berber country. Trekking through High Atlas, rather than driving or traveling by train, brings you closer to the people and the countryside that you came to see. Planning such a trip will take some research, but the end result will be a unique and memorable vacation.

day trip from marrakech








The following short treks in the High Atlas Mountains can be taken from Marrakech.
Trekking day  in the foothills of the High Atlas:
Easy trek for all levels, 60 minute drive by taxi from Marrakech to get to the mountains of the Atlas.
This day is designed to introduce you to the beautiful landscapes and villages of the Atlas.


Day Tour: (Walk Grade: Easy to Moderate).
One day with the relatively soft Berber country from 3 to 4 hours of walk, it is important to see the attractive Berber villages of the Atlas perched in the mountains, the fields in terrace and the landscapes of the tops of the National park of Toubkal.

The lunch picnic is normally taken from a point of view where the top of Toubkal and the tops close are quite visible. The return will be done by another route before arriving towards return of the taxi for the return to Marrakech.

Itinerary Day Trip to Imlil: (include transfer, Lunch and mule riding).

  • 1.  Departure from Marrakech at 9am
  • 2.  Arrive to Imlil at 10am (1,750m)
  • 3.  Trek to Aremd village (1,900m)
  • 4.  lunch in Berber house in Aroumd village with traditional style
  • 5.  Walk and arrive to Imlil at 4pm
  • 6.  Return and arrival to Marrakech at 5pm

mount toubkal ascent








Trek to the highest point of North Africa. Without any technical difficulties.

Three to five days of 4 to 6 hours of trekking a day, means that we can discover the mountains in most favorable conditions, taking elevation and force into account.

during the first day, we follow little used mule tracks taking us through remote villages


Toubkal climbing: (Walk Grade: Moderate to Strenuous).
 Trek to the highest point of North Africa. Without any technical difficulties and that the assistance of the muleteers and their mules avoids too great physical efforts.

This mountain range is most accessible in High Atlas, near Marrakech.


Itinerary to Toubkal top: (include accommodation, food, guide and mules to carry all stuff).
 We drive into the Atlas Mountains, arriving to the small hamlet of Imlil. From here we walk along a mule track to the Berber village of Aremd.

 We met and stay with he friendly Berbers in their villages in the low and high Atlas valleys.

 Observing their everyday life at close quarters, we shall probably be invited to drink mint tea and share something of their traditional ways.

Up to now the Berber valleys remain largely unspoiled.

 Leaving the fertile Mizane valley below us, we begin the most challenging part of our trekking tour. We reach Sidichamharouch, the shrine of a local holy man, and continue up into the unforgiving High Atlas and finally reaching our refuge at Neltner (3200m of altitude) to make an attempt on the summit of Mt Toubkal (4167m), North Africa’s highest peak. The view are simply stunning. The ascent of Mt Toubkal is not compulsory and an easier option may be undertaken nearby, if preferred. Finally we return to our trek start-point for further walks or a relaxing day among the green fields and walnut trees of Aremd village.